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Petbar Issue #01

To the first quarterly issue of Petbar magazine, designed to connect pet lovers and owners from around the world. Get insider access into the world of pets, support local pet-friendly businesses, read our top tips and tricks and meet our Ambassadors! Petbar was designed to connect the world one pet at a time and to give you the opportunity to give your pet the recognition they deserve. From uploading your own content, scheduling vet appointments, finding your nearest dog groomer, engaging with other users or getting your dose of daily cuteness and laughs, Petbar has something for everyone. And in this era of modern technological advancement, particularly in the world of social media and app development, Petbar stands out because it is explicit to all things animals, which is the same concept be- hind Petbar magazine. We hope you enjoy this first issue of Petbar magazine just as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

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