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The Story

Petbar is a platform designed for all pet owners. An app where you can upload the highlight reel of your fluffbaby. From laugh out loud moments to finding the closest dog café and scheduling appointments, we make it easy to connect and share.

After years of pleading by my three children, my wife and I finally took the bone and agreed to find a pup of our own. After endless research of what would suit our family, we took to our local dog shelter, to find Daisy waiting for us. As soon as we locked eyes with our soon to be Bichon Poodle, we knew she was the one. Within no time at all our bond with Daisy grew from strength to strength and we still can’t get enough of her delicate manner and charm.

I saw a gap in the market when I wanted to find one platform to provide me with everything. A network I could share special moments, find local pet-friendly eateries, book in a vet appointment and search for local groomers near me. So, it began, welcome to Petbar.

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